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Budapest dental tourism

Hungary is said to be one of the most popular dental holiday destinations. It receives 40% of all European dental tourists. A small country with only 10 million people takes pride in its professional cosmetic dentistry industry. While Hungarian doctors try to leave the country as doctors salary is surprisingly low in Hungary they can find well paid jobs in Western Europe.

The fact is the professional background is of the highest level also dental clinics are equipped with latest technology and doctors, nurses are poorly paid in the state sector. Private clinics value their manpower as their assets so they pay them salaries of Western European standards.This is how Budapest dental works and the dental clinic serves lots of patients each year.

Holiday makers, dental toursts do not need to worry about anything as private dental clinics and agencies do their best to fully satisfy patients need. And most of them return to their home land with a wide smile on their face as they are satisfied with the sevices, the standard of dental implant work done.  

Another medical attraction is hair replacement - the hair loss treatment meant for men to help male patients recover their old hairline. Hungary has become the new spot for hair transplant abroad - UK, Irish patients now head to Budapest to undergo a 2-3 day-long hair loss surgery. This happens not by chance: they can save a lot, hair loss work is done quickly and properly. Fore more on FUE hair transplant packages visit or wikipedia FUE page.